Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Dashing Heroes

When it comes to creating heroes, I always have a certain image in mind. For my new story, One And Only, I see Grey looking like this. Forimidable, yet beautiful. My heroine certainly doesn't mind that he's attractive.

I always try to make each hero individual, giving them traits unto themselves. Grey is like a lost soul. He is dedicated to the extreme and when he loses his love, he won't love another. His traits were easy to come up with mainly because he just sort of came alive with each tap of my fingers. He wants to be the kind of man that is kind, caring, and considerate -- yet he can when called for it, be quite intimidating. Grey would like nothing better to settle down and give one woman all his attention.

I hope you've enjoyed this little foray into Grey's character. Look for more character insight to come.

Happy reading,
Kara Griffin


Marie Treanor said...

Very sexy, Kara :) Good luck with him!

Anonymous said...

YAY,can post now.

And I like HIM!!! Yummy!!

in Germany