Saturday, July 17, 2010

We all need to cool off

I'm happy to share a snip of my work in progress - One And Only. This is one hell of a romantic story. And I have to tell you, I'm in love with Grey and envy Albrey.

Here's a preview.
Please note this work is copyrighted by Kara Griffin 2010.


Grey led her to a densely wooded area on the opposite side of the stream and found large boulder to sit on. He motioned for her to sit and then joined her.

“You make me nervous.”

“I do, lass? Why?”

Albrey folded her hands in her lap and smiled. “You’re very tall, and well...handsome. Have you married, Laird Gunn?”

“Grey, lass, and no.”

“Haven’t you ever wanted to marry?”

“Not for a long time.” That was about as much as he would admit, but then let out more. Grey took her hand and tried not to look so severe. “There was a lass I was betrothed to, and I loved her with all my heart.”

“What happened? Why didn’t you marry her?”

Grey felt old emotions coming upon him. “I can’t...don’t want to talk about it. Tell me what you remember, go back as far as you can.”

Albrey pulled her hand from his. “I only remember seeing my mother’s face and then being taken to the kitchens for a bath. Cait was there. She took care of me.”

“You don’t remember the men who took you there?”

“No. Mayhap I suppressed those memories. I didn’t want to remember where I’d come from. All I knew was the lady was nice and the baron treated me with kindness.”

“That is honorable for an Englishman. You don’t remember your father or mother?”

“Grey, no, I don’t remember. I want to know how you know me. Did you really know me as a child?”

“Aye, you were always getting into trouble. My father, Laird Mikal, put me in charge of watching you when you came for a visit. You always brought me gifts. It destroyed me when you disappeared.”

“I’m sorry, Grey. I sense a deep sadness in you. I would never cause anyone such distress.”

Grey shook the emotions away and stood. “Let us take a dip in the stream and cool off.”

“It is unbearably hot tonight. Do you think we’ll have a storm?”

He led her toward the stream and found a few people mulling on the opposite side. Though it was wide, it wasn’t very deep, perhaps two or three feet. The clear water was cool from the mountainous runoff.

“I doubt it. There’s a good many stars starting to come out,” he said, pointing to the sky.

Albrey lifted the hem of her skirt and wadded into the water.

Grey pulled off his plaid and removed his shirt. He walked into the water and started to splash water on his chest. Albrey stood a few feet from him and as if he’d traveled back in time, he stood staring at her.

Jarred from memories, he felt the water splash him. She kept up the attack and he chased after her, lifting her in his arms. She squealed with laughter, a delightful sound that made him grin. They were both wet now and as he looked at her face, he realized how much she meant to him.

His lips sought hers, only for a light touch, but Grey couldn’t tamper the flames and found himself kissing her like he’d never kissed another. He used his tongue to will her to return his desire and when he felt the timid touch being returned, he moaned.

Breaking off the kiss, he smiled, knowing how good it was going to be between them.

“You make me forget myself.”

“I’ve forgotten enough for the both of us.” Albrey didn’t move away when he set her on the ground. “I’m much cooler now, thank you for bringing me here, Grey.”

“I’m hotter.”

~Stay tuned for more. I hope you enjoyed this little peek into Grey and Albrey's life. Happy Reading.


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