Friday, August 6, 2010

When you think of history...

When you think of history...
What image comes to you? I always see a vision of a castle with a warrior, rescuing a lady. I see knights whose honor is greater than their desires. People who wanted more than anything to find happiness. Nothing has changed there.

I don't think history (in my image) has changed much - whether it is people's desires, goals, or dreams. We ladies still want a warrior to rescue us, give us love and devotion, we want men to be honorable and not so caught up in obtaining wealth and prestige -- but simply to love us. People today still want to find happiness. And like those that lived before us, finding it can be difficult.

Unlike our predecessors, we have the advantage of knowing about the world more so than they did. Imagine wanting to find out news. In the past, you'd have to get the news from others, verbally -- and trusting your source. I guess in a way that hasn't changed, we still get our news from others. But the way we get it is much more timely. In the old days, you might have had to wait months to hear news such as the king died, a war was taking place, someone got married... Now a days, it's automatic. All you have to do is turn on the TV, computer, phone -- it's all there for us to see.

History is repeating itself, but it is only slightly altered. We go at a faster pace (okay, so an exretemly faster pace)... In a way, sometimes I wish we could slow down...wait for the news to reach us and not be so caught up in the world's events.

~Kara Griffin


Anonymous said...

I agree, slowing down would be better for everyone, especially our health!!

in Germany

Marie Treanor said...

Yes, I'm all for slowing down and doing more reading :)But I think you're right, Kara - human nature doesn't really change, just what society considers to be accceptable.

Anonymous said...

Sadly, I don't think society will let us slow down. Unfortunately we have to cram in so much during each day. Imagine what some of those poor women had to do in the 'olden days' - chores alone took up 90% of their day :) Guess we have to look on the bright side.