Monday, September 19, 2016

Can't have enough FANTASY!

One of the best things about being a writer is creating a fantasy world. Every fiction book, regardless of genre is a fantasy. At least in my eyes they are. I absolutely adore writing historical fiction, add in romance, medieval times, some sexy Scots in kilts ... Sigh. But sometimes writing historical is exhausting. Mainly because I'm a stickler for historical fact and I love to weave in real happenings. There comes a moment when, as a writer, I need a break from being so regimented. What do I do? WRITE A FANTASY!

I love this genre and when my book cover artist put up a premade cover, it inspired me. I decided to take a break from my devilishly handsome Scot warriors and write about ... yes -- DRAGONS. A story idea came and now I'm enthralled and want to write the entire thing. Although, I have several projects that have been waiting in line. BUT write what's inspiring you, right?

Anyway, I am loving these characters, the dragons, and story line. Here's the blurb.

He is the last of his kind. King Rhydderch Pendragon guards his secret: that he rules the last dragon in the kingdom. Uthur, his beloved pet, is ill and he cannot figure out what’s wrong with him. As Rhyder’s wedding day draws near, he is apprehensive about leaving his pet and retrieving the lass he was betrothed to when he was a child.

As the youngest daughter of King Raedwald Baldach, Cathryn is the only one who can save their kingdom from marauders and embarrassment. When her sister compromised herself rather than wed the dragon king, she’s substituted as the would-be bride. As a child she was teased and told scary stories of the man she’d wed. Now grown, Cathryn accepts her destiny with an open heart, especially when the sexy, brooding, man comes to claim her.

Rhyder vaguely remembers meeting the lass when they were young. He doesn’t have the time or inclination to get to the know the reserved, beautiful woman. That is until Cathryn reveals a secret of her own. Cathryn does more than touch his heart when she vows to save his cherished pet.

I am excited about this story and cannot wait to share it with you.

Kara Griffin

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