Wednesday, August 24, 2016

A BAD BOY is only good for one night...

A "Bad Boy" is only good for one night. OR is he?

Let's face it ladies, we all love the bad boy, don't we? When we select books to read, we search for the ultimate bad boy hero -- the one that's a challenge, the one that gives ultimate pleasure and leaves you wanting more ...

Yeah, the bad boy is a fantasy come true IF you can take a little of the bad out of him and keep his interest. A bad boy is always on the lookout for a conquest, a way to keep himself entertained, and well ... He's a bit selfish. But heck that's what we love about him.

When I write heroes in my romances, I love giving my heroes a little bit of the bad boy angst, but ultimately I write heroes who I would fall in love with. Heroes who no matter what give their heart, their whole heart. They sacrifice their happiness and all that they have. They vow to love, protect and cherish -- which is exactly what we women want. At least I do :)

No, I don't want the bad boy who rips my gorgeous gown or grips my hair and forces me to his will. I'm too spitfire for that. I want a man who can make my body sing and still be man enough to be sensitive, sweet, and sometimes charming. Yet in bed, let's face it - we want the BAD BOY. We want him to take what he wants, to demand his pleasure, to say what's on his mind - even if it's dirty! Oh, indeed - he should be cocky with some angst, have a good body, have the charisma knowing he's bad for us BUT we don't care.

I've written many memorable heroes and of them I would have to say James in IN LOVE WITH A WARRIOR is one of my favorites. He's a bad boy, but deep down he's vulnerable. He wants what he wants, but he realizes love comes with compromise. In the end he must realize his insecurities don't matter to the woman who loves him.

It was the same with Douglas Kerr in CLAIMED BY A CHARMER. He wasn't about to let any lass stomp all over him, but Isabel, well she does her best to snare him. Like me, she's a spitfire who makes her bad boy fall hard. He's a bad boy who claims not be easily won over, but in the end the lass of his dreams does more than that.

Then there is Graeme Cameron in my latest book, CONQUERED HEART. He isn't a bad boy, but a chivalrous warrior who won't let anyone interfere with the love of his life. I suppose ultimately that makes him a bad boy.

In thinking about Liam Kincaid in UNBREAKABLE HEART, the 2nd book in the Legend of the King's Guard series (my latest work-in-progress), I wanted him to be a bad boy initially and work up to be the "dream man" and he is definitely giving me a challenge because he so wants to be BAD. I just hope the heroine forgives his asinine behavior.

So what about you? Do you love a bad boy who turns into the "dream man" or are you happy with the bad boy who stays the bad boy and doesn't grow into the sort of "keeper" man? My dream man would be a bad boy who keeps some of his bad boy traits, but can charm me and yet is sensitive to my needs. Is there such a man in existence or was there ever? I certainly hope so!

Keep searching ladies!
Kara Griffin

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