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Question for readers & writers ~ Who is the greatest hero you've written or read?

We all love to read about our dashing heroes and see him develop through the story. He may start off brash, cross, filled with angst. He may be a tortured soul or a man whom no one understands. He may be charming, but hides his heavy heart. It takes an amazing woman to deal with such a man, but he is the essence of the romance we love to read.

My answer:
For me, my favorite hero I've ever written has to be Douglas Kerr from Claimed By A Charmer. There's so much going on with him. I don't think I ever fully wrote the entire complexity of his character. He still nudges me from time to time, and I just smile because his story is written and that is that. And yet I wonder if I was able to make him truly happy with my choice of heroine for him. Isabel certainly gave him some surprises. With a man like Douglas, he needs a woman to keep him on his toes. Don't they all?

Claimed By A Charmer

(2nd book in the Pith Trilogy series)

In CLAIMED BY A CHARMER, Isabelle Calvert hopes to win the heart of Douglas Kerr by being the sweet, coy woman all men want. But what Douglas doesn’t know is Isabel’s true nature.

Lady Isabel Calvert hides her true spirit from everyone, especially her best friend's brother, Douglas, whom she secretly admires. Isabel'solder brother attempts to do the unthinkable and one night he almost succeeds. After the incident her father's superstition nature induces him to send her to an asylum. She must escape, her only hope—Douglas Kerr. Isabel is no shrinkingviolet, but she intends to be the timid woman all men want, in hope that Douglas will love her.

Laird Douglas Kerr is forlorn at his mission to find a wife. He was charming, wasn't he? At least that's what everyone teases him about. Douglas thought he'd found the woman of his dreams, but she turned out to be a harlot. He's asked by his sister to retrieve her friend, Isabel, the fiery, red-haired, cat-eyed, temptress he'd met when he escorted his sister home for their father's burial. When he meets the woman again, he doesn't find the hellion he believes her to be. Nay, she's a sweet, coy woman who intrigues him. As Douglas' life becomes complicated with mysterious happenings, he also find the love he's been missing all his life.

Can this dagger wielding woman win the heart of the Charmer?

Please do share your favorite character, whether you've read or written him. We would love to read your thoughts on the greatest hero!

~ Kara Griffin


Robin said...

My favorite hero I've written would have to be Hugh from The Princes Knighted. The poor tortured boy...

I need to check out this Douglas. I don't believe I've read it yet!

Kara Griffin said...

Oh Hugh was a tortured. Love, love, love that story. Share a little excerpt with us, won't you?