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A little insight to Douglas ...

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Here's a little insight into Douglas' character:


Douglas was beyond chagrined. Almost a week had gone by that he’d been home, not a blessed word of his wife’s whereabouts came. He was so incensed that he had a frown plastered on his face from sunup to sundown. Even his mother hadn’t been able to get him to release his aggression.
His mother touched his arm, and he looked up from his tray, pushing it away.
“Don’t worry so, lad. She’ll come back.”
“Ah, you have such confidence. Wish that I had. I just hope she is safe.”
“I’m sure she is. Is her brother still here?”
Douglas grumbled. “Aye, he won’t leave until she returns. I wish I told Isabel how much I loved her when I had the chance. Doesn’t seem likely I’ll have the chance now.”
His mother gasped. “I just thought of a way you can show your love for Isabel. Why didn’t I think of this before? Aye, I know what you should do.” She whispered in his ear, and for the first time since returning empty handed without his wife, Douglas laughed.
Nate and Gil walked inside and joined him.
“What’s so amusing?” Gil asked.
“My Mother has a strange sense of humor. What are ye thinking, Nate? You’re too quiet.” Douglas noticed his brother-in-law’s grim expression.
“‘Tis the truth, women. I was thinking what a pain in the arse my sister is.”
Burk entered the hall, wearing a sour expression that instilled a tightening in his chest. Douglas’ concern for his cousin became more worrisome as each day passed. He was almost afraid to ask what the news was.
“I’ve a message from Julianna.” Burk thrust the message at him.
“Has Bonnie been found?” Shelagh asked.
“Nay, Milady Kerr.”
Douglas read the message. All watched him as a multitude of expressions crossed his face, but he continued to look at the parchment. He finally lifted his head and laughed. “I know where she is.”
“Where?” Shelagh, Gil and Nate asked at once.
“Isabel is safe. She went to Julianna, and convinced her to send Father Tomas to aid the girls. Then she went to make sure they were safe at Parkville convent. Father Tomas took her to the Gordon’s.”
Nate swore. “She was never one to await anything.”
“I don’t know if I’m angry with her or not. Hell, she should have had faith in me. I was going to rescue the lassies after I finished …”
“But you didn’t tell her that, she didn’t know what you planned. This is all your fault.” His mother frowned at him.
“You’re aright, Mother. I know exactly what I will do.”
Everyone looked at him expectantly, waiting for him to expand on his remark, but he didn’t.
The evening meal was more joyous than that of previous nights. Douglas sat smiling, and ate heartily, his appetite returned. Many of his soldiers and clans-people attended the meal, and he was in a much better mood. He didn’t appear to be in a hurry to get to his ill disciplined wife.
“Why are you not on your steed, riding to England? She’ll not send you a blasted invite.” Nate hadn’t stopped pestering since earlier that afternoon.
“I’ll leave when I’m ready. Besides, she’s not going anywhere. Mayhap I’ll leave her to worry a bit before I go, serves her right for disobeying me.”
“But, you didn’t tell her she couldn’t leave the keep. Did you?”
Douglas laughed. “Nay, I didn’t, but a wife should know better than to leave the safety of her clan. I’ll make sure she follows that dictate in the future.”
Nate grinned. “And how are you going to ensure that? My sister is disobedient.”
“Aye, I love that about her most.”
“Shouldn’t ye go? Please, bring her home.” His mother hadn’t stopped badgering him either.
“Mother, I suppose you’ll nag me to death, until I do. I know exactly what I am doing. I’ll bring her home, only she’ll want to come.”
Shelagh smiled. “This is where she belongs, it’s her home and—”
Douglas pushed his chair out, then strolled toward the door, and called to Cedric. “I want you to deliver a message to Laird Gordon.”
“Where are you going, Douglas?” Nate shouted. “If you are going after my sister, I am coming, too.”
“I’m not going after her. She’ll come to me. I’m going to see Lowrie.” Douglas’ voice held a tinge of arrogance.
Shelagh walked to him. Her smile couldn’t be wider, her eyes twinkled. “Douglas, Lowrie?”
“Aye, Mother, Lowrie.”
“Does this mean you are going to—”
“Aye, I’m going to show her how much I love her.”

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