Monday, October 8, 2012

To read a book or watch TV?

The scales are tipping these days. Gone are the days when I preferred reading a book to TV. But we have to admit there are so many good shows on right now. I still prefer reading, especially a historical. Still, I cannot miss my favorite TV shows. Good thing there's On Demand TV.

I cannot miss: Dexter, Hell on Wheels, Boardwalk Empire, Copper ... and some are getting ready to come back Borgias, Game of Thrones, and a few others.

Which shows would you watch over reading a book?


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Quilt Lady said...

Grey's Anatomy, Castle, Private Pratice and then there are a few I watch with husband like Person of Interest. Most of mine I watch in the mornings and still read at night. Husband watches a lot of History channel and I read.