Wednesday, February 8, 2012

As Valentine's Day approaches I was thinking of history (of course) because I love history. In times past, lovers wrote heartfelt letters - and not just at Valentine's Day. Imagine receiving a letter written by hand from the man whom you adore. The sentiment is much richer in having his own hand write the words.

Have we lost the sentimentality of that romantic gesture? Has technology finally won out and now we're doomed to emails and tweets and IM's? I don't know any woman who would prefer to receive a "love letter" via those avenues. If we could clue men in on the simple fact that the written word would probably win their heart's desire, would they take note?

My man used to write such lovely notes when we first met and I thought this year, I'm going to remind him of that. So I intend to write my own "love letter" and hopefully he'll write back.

Wishing everyone love and romance (and hopefully you receive a love letter),

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